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Drum roll please...

We are proud to share that our big winner for our May 6th event is:

Kelowna Women's Shelter


The Kelowna Women’s Shelter offers safe emergency accommodation and essentials such as food, clothing and toiletries for women and their children who have experienced domestic abuse. Serving women in need from Oyama to Peachland.


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Charities  Assisted


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100 Heroes Kelowna is an inclusive group of community-minded Heroes seeking to support charities and make a difference in their backyard in the simplest and most effective form of charitable donation.
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Anyone can join, all it requires is attending an event. We meet twice a year, donate $100 each, and listen to 3 charities make their case. Voting takes place anonymously. The charity with the most votes takes home the purse.

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We accept any recommendations or nominations of charities
to participate in our events. Any Hero can make a recomendation.

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We say that we're 100 Heroes but there are really hundreds of people that participate. Some can't attend an event but choose to make a pledget to the winning charity.

By joining forces to make a larger donation makes a substantial difference for a local charity.

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Our Heroes agree to donate $100 at each event creating a pool of funds. It's that easy.


All those donations add up to well over $10,000 to make a big impact on a local charity.



We meet twice a year to vote on which charity
will receive everyone's money. If you can't attend pledge on our site or simply send payment with
a friend.



Meetings begin with mingling and networking among our members around the cash bar and
move into presentations from the charities and voting in under 60 minutes.

Our Mission

Bringing together the Heroes of Kelowna
who are making a difference in their community.

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Companies that Care

It really does take a village to make each event possible.
We rely on the generous support of the community to support our events.

Interested in joining us?

We have many volunteer opportunities available,
we'd love to hear from you.

Volunteering Opportunities

Thanks for submitting! Someone will contact you shortly.

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